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Professional Curriculum Vitae

Giampiero Cantoni has had a long career as an entrepreneur and manager in diverse companies and organizations:

Since 1964: Founder and owner of a company in the capital goods sector.
Chairman of Cantoni Group and Elektropol Cantoni.

1982/89: Chairman of the Italian Banking Institute (IBI) – Gruppo Cariplo, Milan.

1983/89: Executive Vice Chairman of Mediocredito Centrale, Rome.

1989/1994: Chairman of:

  • Banca Nazionale del Lavoro SpA, Rome;
  • BNL Credito Fondiario SpA, Rome;
  • BNL Credito Industriale SpA, Rome;
  • BNL Credito Cinematografico – Teatrale SpA, Rome;
  • BNL Holding Italia SpA, Milan;
  • BNL International Investments, Luxembourg;
  • Interbancaria Investimenti, SIM SpA, Milan;
  • Efibanca SpA, Rome;
  • Ifitalia- International Factors Italia SpA, Milan.

1990/1994: Vice Chairman of FIP – Finanziaria Italiana di Partecipazioni SpA, Rome.

1990/91: Vice Chairman of the Italian Banking Association, Rome.

1985/1994: Board Director and Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Banking Association.

1990/1992: Chairman of ABECOR – Associated Banks of Europe Corporation, Brussels.

1986/1993: Chairman of “La Permanente” Society for Fine Arts and Permanent Exhibitions in Milan.

1986/90: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Milan Research Consortium (IRI Group).

1996/2005: Founder and Chairman of S. Pio V University (Libera Università) in Rome.

2010(currently): Vice Chairman of the Alcide De Gasperi Foundation.

2010(currently): Chairman of the Liberamente Foundation.

2009 (currently): Chairman of the Fiera Milano Foundation.