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Academic Curriculum Vitae

Giampiero Cantoni has had an extensive career as a lecturer at Luigi Bocconi University in Milan and other institutions including the University of Cassino, S. Pio V University (Libera Università) in Rome and Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome.

1984/85: Professor of Business Organization at L. Bocconi University.

1985/86: Professor of Sales Roles (International Marketing) at L. Bocconi University.

1986/87: Professor of Marketing (Competition Analysis) at L. Bocconi University.

1988/95: Professor of Financial Marketing and Corporate Finance at L. Bocconi University.

1985/90: Associate Professor of International Economics at the University of Cassino.

1985/2005: Professor of Economics at S. Pio V University (Libera Università) in Rome.

2010/2011: Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries and Banking Supervision in the Faculty of Economics at Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome.


Curriculum Vitae for the L. Bocconi University School of Management:

1981/9: Lecturer in Marketing (SDA) in the Business Economics Department at L. Bocconi University.

1983/87: Lecturer for the Executive MBA programme.

1985/92: Lecturer for the master’s in Corporate Finance & Banking.